Hello. My name is Patricia Walls. I have been doing work in the alternative healing and practice realm since 80's in varying arenas and degrees. 

I am a speaker, published author/co-author of 11 books, artist, alternative healer, spiritual mentor and personal empowerment guide with a passion for helping people reach their highest potential. I specialize in providing practical tools and techniques to help individuals discover their inner strength and develop a deeper connection to their spiritual self. My goal is to empower others to create meaningful and lasting changes in their lives.

As a motivational speaker, I am available as a presenter at your event.  If you would like to discuss the possibilities, please go HERE

I am a published author of the following seven books available through Amazon and Goodreads

I am currently working on three other manuscripts.

Also, I am offering a Monthly Mentorship Subscription for those that want to dive in and commit to do the work.  I am thoroughly enjoying this time of my existence. 

There is so much going on that is both seen and unseen.  And there is much to share with you. I hope that you will contact me or come out to one of the local fairs for a visit.

I look forward to sharing with you.


Listing Links: http://www.BodyMindSpiritDIRECTORY.org

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