Patricia Walls is an international speaker, spiritual mentor, artist, author, alternative healer, and empowerment coach. She is highly respected in her spiritual community as an expert in light language and spiritual growth and empowerment.

Patricia has been teaching and guiding individuals on their spiritual journey for over 35 years. She is passionate about helping people discover their true potential and reach their highest level of spiritual growth. Patricia has written several books on light language and spiritual growth and empowerment, and has been featured in numerous interviews, podcasts, and radio shows. She is a sought-after speaker at conferences and workshops around the world.

Patricia is a passionate advocate for spiritual growth and empowerment and is dedicated to helping people find their true purpose and reach their highest potential.

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Sharing an interview with Jamie Lynn for the Breakthrough and Thrive Summit in the Spring of 2020.  A free 20-day Online Summit on Thriving after sexual abuse with interviews of health professionals and Thrivers.