It has been my pleasure and honor to facilitate women's intensive healing and expansion retreats for more than 20 years.  In that time I have witnessed many healings and breakthroughs for the sisters. I have witnessed many blossomings of creativity and sisterhood. 

One of my blessings is as a connector of family.  So many times I have had women at sessions, festivals and fairs share that they feel alone in their walk.  They have no one that they feel they can talk to about their beliefs and knowings.  My response is "I know someone!".  Because I do. I have been blessed with a massive circle of women who are gifted spiritually, psychically, artistically and in healing gifts.  And, they are incredible women!  

Thanks for the memories my beloved siSTARS.  If you would like to look at our photo gallery of past retreats, please go here

One of my favorite parts of the retreats is seeing the women open up to one another.  There are always families created there.  Women see that they are not alone and I love it! 

December 2020 was my last big women's gathering.  Guidance is that I will work one-on-one with women now and perhaps hold small (no more than 5) gatherings.  Please check back here for information and dates as it is given to me.  

With love and blessings.