What is Sacred Activations

I am honored to be a Mastering the Masters Practitioner and Teacher of Sacred Activations. 

Sacred Activations is a seventh plane energetic modality founded by Tamra Oviatt. 

You can change your life quickly and easily with the healing power of Sacred Activations. Each activation breaks down and destroys those harmful belief systems that no longer serve your life!

Benefits of receiving Activations include:

  • Clears out old and lower vibrational memories, thoughts and emotions that are located in the cells of your body, auric field, and DNA
  • Disconnects you from the collective, genetic, religious and group consciousness of negative programs and belief systems
  • Helps to realign your focus to: improve prosperity, relationships, health, psychic abilities and assist with the removal of addictions
  • As you heal you not only affect your genetic line positively, but you also assist with the earth's conscious evolutionary process
  • Your physical and energetic bodies are able to take in more light which raises your vibration. As you raise your vibration your experiences will shift to those of a more positive experience 

These activations clear hundreds or even thousands of belief systems and limiting programs that hold us back in life.   They can release oaths, vows, commitments, contracts and negative energies from this and other dimensions associated with the description of the activation.  Also, they continue to remove levels of beliefs and programs after the session is over.  Sometimes this process continues for up to six weeks per activation. 

The shifts I have witnessed, both for myself and when working with others has been nothing short of amazing, which is the reason I became a practitioner and a trainer of this modality.  Each session and activation is unique to witness on its own. 

Although I love working with people in the real-time energy, I have pre-recorded some of the activations for purchase so that you can listen to them at your convenience.  Each activation is different, and each time you listen, you will experience a new level of healing and release.  They are available through my store.  You can also request a special recording of activations channeled for your particular focus of healing and growth. 

Contact me for a session today.  I am offering the Activations via telephone, in person, skype or zoom.   Your session can be recorded to listen to later.