Patricia is honored to offer Language of Light Readings via telephone or zoom which are just as accurate as in-person.  Your investment is $60 for 30 minutes.  You can request a reading through the Calendly page

Any other questions will, most likely, be answered below.  

What is Light Language?

You will hear many perceptions of what Light language is.  Each one is valid, as it is a personal perception or understanding.  Patricia's understanding is that Light Language is source frequency experienced as sound, codes, symbols or feeling.   It is the language we all speak when we are born and then replace it with the languages of our parents.   The light codes speak directly to the physical, emotional, spiritual and etheric body.  The source of it is what most identify as God, Source or Creation.  Just as the human language varies from culture to culture, the source language also has many dialects so you may notice that everyone who speaks Light Language sounds different from another.  She has noticed for herself 6 of these dialects at this time.    

What kind of question or healing intention should I have for my session?

This is a request to your Galactic soul core for healing or information.  There is no wrong or right request.  If you could ask one important question of source, what would it be? 

How does the intuitive readings relate to Light Language?

As she works with receiving and transmitting the Language of Light, it increases a sense of intuitive knowing. 

The first session of Light Language is to connect with your galactic core/soul source and your team to receive information for you.

Following the information given, she will ask to transmit Light Language for you to release any blocks or hindrances that are keeping you from accomplishing your assignments and/or desires.  You will also receive light/key codes and alignments.  Lastly,  she will share the codes through automatic writing that she received for you.  It is helpful to review the symbols from time to time to reinforce any alignment, information and healing codes.  Hearing the information also helps to raise your vibration, your consciousness, and your awareness.  When both light language and written symbols are combined, they can offer a deeper activation and alignment. 

What can you expect as a result of  the Light Language reading?

  • re-connection to Galactic core self and family
  • etheric, physical, and mental healing
  • integration of your multidimensional aspects
  • awakening dormant DNA and intuition
  • removal of blockages from your system
  • deep feelings of calm, peace, joy, protection
  • easier adjustment to the new 5D earth energies 


Patricia’s calm, inviting demeanor and her accurate channeling will leave you feeling like you got a huge hug. Never forced or pressed upon you, her messages are always what you need in the moment. I found out answers to questions I had but didn’t even ask! I highly recommend a reading with Patricia!   Danielle

Patricia, Thank you so much for the incredible light language reading today. Your channel led light language is so beautiful and healing. For anyone considering a reading, please know it will help heal you on a soul level. Light language is a form of sound healing and it literally can reprogram our thoughts, emotions, physical health and DNA. Every time I have the pleasure to receive codes from you, it truly alters my entire being. The love and light you sent to me today has brought clarity and peace to my soul. I felt years of old records being cleared and transformed. Your codes continue to work for me every time I think of you, what an amazing gift ! Thank you so much !! Love and Light, Erin

I’ve been working with Patricia Walls for several years. When I heard she was going to start sharing light language readings I was thrilled, intrigued, and ALL IN. Patricia’s style, level of integrity, ability, and connection to source is truly magical and deeply grounded. My experience was as usual profound! When I am working with her it is in all ways a sacred, rich, and rewarding experience. I received clear, direct, and loving guidance from a masterful place. Thank You Patricia for all you do in service to humanity, Gaia, and our Ascension. With immense generosity of spirit in every experience with every soul you light the way for so many.  Amy

I have known Patricia a number of years & she always brings a level of clarity to any session I have had with her. The most recent experience has been a light language reading. A day or so before our session I had a rattle snake totem experience. My question was what will transformation represented by snake involve? The information I received from Patricia was spot on. It provided peace & understanding to an unsettling experience. I am very thankful my path has crossed with Patricia’s. She is a blessing.  Laura

Sistar Patricia gifted me with a Light Language reading.  The question I had was concerning confusion on a relationship.  It was explained that this person and myself are having a different relationship in another dimension and that is why I keep having snippets of insight and feelings that I don’t understand or know what to do with.  She asked me if I had anything else I wanted to ask.  I asked for insight on the condition with my hip. I have had a past life in which I was a concubine of my brother in my current life. I tried to escape him and he broke my hip and leg so I could not run away again. Also, I am  overweight, have fibromyalgia and  pulmonary hypertension so it is difficult to get through the day on most days.  

While Patricia was speaking with the council, I could literally feel them working on my hip, in my gut area and also felt them working on a scar I have on my forehead that I’ve had since about 18 months old.  There was a tingling and warmth in these areas and it felt very loving and nice.  After the transmission, Patricia told me that she received message that cords were cut from the past life with my brother and an implant removed.  That she saw them holding my face in their hands and that they were going to help me get rid of the excess weight.  She also talked to me about speaking Light Language and that it would be helpful for me to do it on a daily basis.  It took me almost a week to work up to attempting to speak Light Language.  I began by doing what I call toning exercises.  I was totally amazed at not only how easily it came out, but the change in my body while I was speaking.  I felt my entire body expand, yet get lighter with light entering my body and going into every cell while cleaning out the junk between them. 

My vision changed/improved after about 15 minutes.  The colors were more vibrant and I had a feeling of extreme happiness.  I felt that I was one with the world, yet separate and could feel the separate parts of myself.  It was so loving and peaceful.  After about 30 minutes, I even began singing in Light Language.  It sounded beautiful, which is nothing short of a miracle. I have been tone deaf as long as I remember and my singing has never been beautiful. I cannot wait to see what all opens up over the next days and weeks as I start to speak on a daily basis. When I think of where I am compared to even 5 years ago, it is nothing short of amazing.  I thank you for your part in my life from the very depths of my soul!  I am so pleased to have you in my life and look forward to getting through school so I will have more time available to spend with you.  Light, Laughter and Love, Kim

I went into my Light Language Reading with Patricia thinking I really didn't have any particular questions in mind and yet the minute our Session commenced answers to questions I couldn't even voice came pouring out one right after the other. Things that had been going on around me in my world that no one else could've possibly known were brought up by Patricia and my.mind put at ease. One item right after the other. The Reading was do spot on and specific to me and my needs. This Reading was life changing for me on so many levels. Much Love and Gratitude ~ Dianna

I had a Light Language session with Patricia recently, and I just wanted to share what a lovely experience it was and still is. Going into it, I didn't know what to expect, as I'm just learning about it. Patricia was very reassuring and able to explain it to me. We discussed what was on my mind, and even though I asked about one thing, the answer I received was for the question I really wanted to know but didn't say out loud. I'm going through a less than optimal period in my life journey at the moment, and I felt like if I could just have a small bit of information to help me, to hold on to, that it would mean so much. I was given that piece of information, and I am so very thankful. Once the Light Language transmission began, I closed my eyes and let myself experience, though I was a bit cautious. As I relaxed, Patricia spoke as it was given to her. At the end, I felt SO lightweight, like I could float. As I discussed what I saw with Patricia, I became almost giddy. I was overcome with genuine laughter at times, which is something sorely missing in my life this last decade. Thing forward in these weeks since, I've been so happy in times of trouble to be able to think about the information given to me. I opened myself to receive, with God's blessing and guidance, and it's been interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next! Thank you so much, Patricia!"  Kimberly