My Gifted Relatives

I have been blessed to be in a community of gifted, loving beings with so many talents to offer humanity.   I thought it would be a wonderful idea to share them here with you.  I recommend each and every one of them.  (They wouldn't be listed here if I have not experienced their gifts, trust and recommend them). 

Please contact them.  

Arthur Gray -   Tarot reading, lenormand reading, reiki healing, crystal healing and a wonderful assortment of soaps, essential oils and art  TheGreenManStudios.Com

Candli Campbell - ThetaHealing, Reiki,Foot Detoxing,Remote Viewing, Hypnosis & Aromatherapy.   972-984-6175

Christina Calderon - LMHC and MSTT, massage therapist and reiki practitioner  903-629-5877     Wild Bird Medicine, LLC  

Cristy Franks - Therapeutic, intuitive massage  text 214-202- 3636

Crystal Kia-Paul - Conflict Resolution   469-305-1808   AlohaCrystal.Com 

Dianna Foxcroft - Reiki, massage, energy healing, intuitive     Spirit Horse Healing Arts 

Dorian Light - Language of Light and Energy Healer, Psychic Channel, and Spiritual Counselor.,

Finn Goddard -   Sacred healing and sacred reading 

Fran Anderson - Equine massage   WhenInKneadEquineBodywork

Gina Veronesi -  Massage therapy and hypnosis through The Alchemy of Self   214-554-8416 

Goddess Butterfly - Massage Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, Intuitive Readings, yoga, , Reiki, Meditation,

Jaime Streett-CiHom    Homeopath, Human Design Specialist, Intuitive, & Angelic Life Coach

Jennifer Fezio - Spiritual Coach and Phychic Medium 

Jodi Roberts -  anthropologist, spiritual counseling, shadow transformation, Zen meditation, sound healing    SacredInspiration.Com 

Jonah Robins - Transformational Coach,  

Joy Kauf - Miracles of Joy Metaphysical Store

Jondi Whitis -  EFT Master and teacher  EFT4Results

Keith and Jaime Lynn Turman -  clothes and jewelry   The CosmicWorkshop

Ladean Boakye - Intuitive     ReadingsByLadean

Laura Moberg -  Life coach, QiGong teacher, holistic health and healing, astrologist      Sowela Holistic Health

Morrighan Lynne - Psychic Medium, Intuitive Coach, Angelic Reiki MT, Divine Channel       EmbraceWithin.Com 

Patricia LaDale Lane -  Sacred Spaces Pillowcases! I also teach Intuitive tarot    Sacred Pillowcases

PJ Spur - Psychic Intuitive, Past Life Regressionist, Angel Certified Practitioner, Guidance from Your Soul
Steve Spur - Evidential Medium

Santiago Villarreal - Medicine Singer   $20 offering/15 min   214.629.5495

Shayn Smith, PhD, vedic astrologer, energy healer,,

Susan Grey - Intuitive healer and space clearer   DistantHealer.Net

Syndi Bennett - Teate Reiki Master/Teacher 

Tamra Oviatt - Sacred Activations founder and teacher   SacredActivations.Com

Tanya Knight - Master Shifter at Metaphysical Metamorphosis and Medical Massage Practitioner at Turning Point Wellness Center of Burleson   817 615-6354

Terry Lynch - Inner Awareness Mind, Body, Spirit Coach

Todd Savvas - intuitive life coach, spiritualist, Feng-Shui consultations, property cleansing, curse banishing    ToddSavvas.Com 

 Tonya Davis - oracle, spiritual life coach, Goddess Temple facilitator

Trish Daniel - massage therapy   972-890-2144