I began my journey in shamanism/earth-based traditions over 37 years ago. Over time I was led to several wonderful alternative healing modalities. I focused on those for many years and through them I established a women-centered following and practice in alternative healing using Reiki, Emotrance, EFT, ThetaHealing, SacredActivations, hypnosis and many other alternative healing modalities. Although those healing tools are always with me, about 3 years ago everything began to shift for me.

I felt drawn to return to my roots of an earth-based healing energy. I began to create again through the mediums of animal products, clay, wood, stones and painting. I returned to the practice of making ceremonial drums and tools of shamanic sound healing.  A little over a year ago the Language of Light was activated for me and began to show in the form of spoken, written and sung frequencies. This has expanded into my art and healing practice. While some see earth-based traditions different from the galactic tradition of Light Language, to me there is no difference. It is all indigenous when you consider that the Earth is simply another star in the universe.

Connecting with Light Language was simply a way to break through the limitations of language to another layer of connecting to the all that is. With more than 37 years of working with natural energy such as tribal and shamanism cultures along with several established healing modalities, this experience has evolved in working with the Galactics to bring light codes and alignment to all beings in order to assist with the awakening. This is how the Light Language Readings evolved.

I also facilitate bi-annual women's expansion retreats. When not working with other humans or animals in energy healing and expansion, I am creating healing through art/creativity. I make polymer clay, crystal and natural stone pendants, ceremonial tools such as shamanic drums, rattles, smudge fans. You can see my work on my EarthWombyn Etsy site.

Current Certifications/Qualifications include:

  • Level 2 {QHHT} Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner
  • Sacred Activations Master Practitioner and Teacher
  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner
  • Advanced Animal Communicator
  • Certified Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner

Self/Spirit Taught:

  • Divine Alchemist
  • Hall of Records Earth-based spiritual practices
  • Vibrational frequency alignments
  • Natural intuitive
  • Entity, attachment, curses removal work
  • Light language

I hope that you will take the step to awaken, align and ascend.

My websites include:

You can contact me through the websites or email support@patriciawalls.net or patricia@wisewombyn.com

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